Streamlight CR-1/3N-TLR 6 Lithium Batteries (2 pk)

CR-1/3N Lithium Batteries (2 pk)
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CR 1/3N is compatiable with the following TLR 6 styles

TLR-6 (GLOCK® 42/43)

TLR-6 (GLOCK® 42/43)

TLR-6 (GLOCK® 26/27/33)

TLR-6 (M&P Shield™)

TLR-6 (Kahr®)

TLR-6 (SIG SAUER® P238/P938)

TLR-6 (Kimber® Micro)

TLR-6 Universal Kit includes LED/laser module and all

TLR-6 body housings