Handgun Holster By Jotto

Handgun Holster By Jotto
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Lock-up Your Concealed Carry When You Can’t Carry. Steel Holster with Quick Flip Bale and Black Leather Insert Mounts in your vehicle, home or office.

Featuring a familiar holster design, but made with steel, the NRA Handgun Holster by Jotto Gear comes with mounting brackets to give you a choice of where you want to lock your handgun when you can’t carry. Made in the USA and designed to house most* semi-automatic handguns, the Handgun Holster features a unique Quick Flip Locking Bale to lock the handgun in the holster. Black leather lined steel holster body keeps handgun clean and free of scratches and works with most tactical lights and laser grips.

See fit chart image to ensure a proper fit with your weapon.