Antenna 130 - 174 MHz Magnetic Mic

High performance MOSAIC antenna with DURA-FLEX spring. Use with Lo-profile or Motorola mount. Long Whip 3'

1 Magnetic Base

1 Microphone Adapter

A Set of Mounting Hardware

Hex Key

Safety Information and Instructions



81160 54008
Antenna 130 - 174 MHz, Quarter Wave Antenna 800 MHz

Unity gain quarterwave antenna only. Ready to install, no rod cutting. For use with Motorola style mounts. Black

13" antenna operates over the 806-896 MHz band at 3 dB gain. Features molded ABS base and plated spring loaded contact pin. Available with or without a shock spring. Maxrad or 3/4" Motorola-style mount.  Black



92556 92926
Antenna 800 MHz, Low Profile Antenna CB 25 - 88 MHz

The MLPV800 series has 1 dB gain and superior pattern coverage for mobile and fixed applications using frequencies from 806 to 960. provides broadband performance with minimum loss and no tuning.

Heavy duty base loaded 1/4 wave antenna and coil only. For use with Motorola style mounts.



49635 45452
Antenna Ends BNC Connectors Antenna Ends Mini UHF Connectors

BNC connectors operate up to 4 GHz. The male pushes onto the female,then turns to lock into place. 50 ohm impedance unless noted. Also for Most Scanners

Mini-UHF connectors operate up to 2 GHz.



36421 361879
Antenna Ends N Connectors Antenna Ends PL259 UHF Connectors

Type N connectors, named after Paul Neill of Bell Labs in the 1940's, are durable, weatherproof, medium-sized RF connector with consistent performance through 11 GHz. RF connectors are the most important element in a cable system.

UHF connectors are general purpose connectors developed for use in low frequency systems up to 300 MHz and originally designed for use radio industry. UHF connectors feature a threaded coupling. Aslo for C/B Radios



418447 60171
Antenna Glass Mount 130 - 174 MHz, No Ground Plane Antenna Glass Mount 800 MHz, No Ground Plane

This On-Glass unity gain window mount antenna features DUO-BOND mounting for installation with no holes and provides a complete seal against moisture and long lasting holding power. Max Watts 50


On glass II antenna with mini UHF connector on the coupler. Small mounting foot for maximum efficiency especially between defroster wires. For SMR frequencies.



465465 81033
Antenna GPS Antennas Antenna Monitor VHF,UHF 800 Scanner Ant.

GPS antenna requires a 5/8" hole for mounting. Access to the underside of the body surface is required to complete the installation. Available in black or white.

Unity gain scanner receive antenna. For VHF, UHF and 800 MHz. Commercial grade receive only antenna for the off-duty public safety professional.  



38774 95559
Antenna Motorola Style, Permanent Hole [365-10] Antenna Motorola Style, Trunk Lid

The PCTEL Maxrad SMC-NC vehicle roof mount antenna installation hardware kit is for Motorola-style mobile antennas 0-1000 MHz. Stainless steel permanent mount for a 3/4 inch hole. Includes 17 feet of RG58/U cable but no connector.

Black Motorola-style 1-1/8"-18 thread size all metal trunk lid mount installs in the seam between the fender and trunk deck lid.



Antens Ends TNC Connectors

TNC connectors are of miniature size like the BNC connector but feature a threaded coupling nut for applications requiring performance through 7 GHz.